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In a business environment, English is the main way of communicating. It doesn’t matter how good your university marks and management skills are, if your English is not good enough, you will find it difficult to stand out and get the consideration you deserve.

For this important reason we have developed our Business English Courses, in order to help you lose this uncomfortable ‘lack-of-confidence’ feeling that gets inside you when it comes to the time of talking or presenting a project in English.

In our Business English lessons, we aim to improve:

  • Your English writing skills
  • Your English grammar and vocabulary with focus on your business sector
  • Your English negotiation skills
  • Your English report presentation skills
  • Your Business English speaking

You do not need to finish your course to start seeing the results, but you will immediately give yourself a confidence boost and have a better understanding of the English language. Your progress will be our goal, and it’s up to you how far you want to go.

Business English Courses for Individuals or Companies

Monty English Language School offer private lessons for individuals or group lessons in company, for those who want to develop and progress at work. Get the promotion and the encouragement you deserve by improving your English with our CELTA-qualified teachers.

This course is ideally for those with a higher level of English, from an intermediate level and above. Please check your level with our free English test here

Are you interested in doing some Business English Lessons? Just ask us for a FREE 30-minute lesson here, meet your teacher and discover a new way of learning English.

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*Discounts available on Business English lessons if you regularly attend conversation groups in central London