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5 Quick tips for English learners

Here are five quick tips to help with your English learning:

– Aim to learn no more then 7 new words a day as it will be easier to memorise them that way

– If you are having difficulty remembering a word then write a sentence with the word using it in the right context. Repeat it 15 times, speaking out loud and you will typically remember it. Some words take a few more┬árepetitions

– Listen to audio books while reading the book. This way you are more likely to remember specific words and it helps with pronunciation

– Watch a film first in your own language and then again in English with English subtitles. This way you won’t be trying to follow the plot but will just be able to concentrate on new English words

– Spend time in an English-speaking country. There is no better way to improve your language skills than being immersed in a culture where this is the spoken language