Who we are

Monty English Language School was started in 2007 by Jon Edwards and Christopher Lawson. We have changed over the years and now we are a group of CELTA certificated teachers, all native speakers with more than 10 years of experience.

What we do

Monty English Language School is based in London; we offer English lessons to students from all over the world in London. As an alternative school we often do English classes in public spaces in different locations around London, covering a wide range of possibilities in this big city. This keeps the costs low for our students and gives us the flexibility to change locations and times to suit our students.

We have close links in European countries such as Italy to help any Italian students over the phone or at the Milan office. And also we have a partnership with LetThemTalk to look after students from France.

There are also other opportunities for students who are not able to study in London. Monty English acting as agency collaborate with EC and CES schools to offer high-quality teaching throughout the English-speaking world; likewise, other UK locations such as Brighton, Cambridge and Leeds. Also we have contact with schools teaching English in Dublin in Ireland, Malta and several locations in the USA and Canada.

Our aim is to find a suitable English course for you in the great city of London or another city in the world!

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