Study English to bag your dream job


  1. Waleed Alsomali says:

    This is true. :D
    When I came to London . I joined to EC London . It was a great school in my opinion .
    I heard from my teacher that ” you speak very well Waleed but you need more practice ” . To be honest I did not know how to write the word (( visit )) but at the end of the course ” Thank God ” I become able to speak, write and read better than before . Thank for all my classmates, my teachers . Thanks to everyone help my to improve my English . :)

    Thank you for reading .


  2. Waleed Alsomali says:

    I am Sorry . I forgot to tell you that . . I came to London to learn English to get a job .

    presently, My Boos at work depends on my abilities in English ” Thank God ” :)

    All the best to all of you,

    Waleed Alsomali

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