LUV: Like Understanding Value



  1. Chris Lawson says:

    Congratulations on another thought-provoking blog post, Rox. I enjoy your writing so much. : )
    Hmmm, on the subject of the well-worn, yet potentially game-changing statement: ‘I love you’; it definitely depends on the situation, in my opinion. As you rightly say, audience and environment are extremely important. Uttering those three little words against the backdrop of a romantic sunset or candlelit dinner-table is a world away from a furtive fumble in the back row at the cinema.
    Anyway, choosing your moment carefully seems to paramount. Countless rom-com films delight in the build-up to, and inevitable puncturing of the moment. However, in real life, as long as the two people involved are open-hearted enough to appreciate the depth of feeling behind the statement, when it is made genuinely, that is all that matters.

  2. rox says:

    Wow Chris…reading your comments means really learning English!!! Thanks a lot for your precious thoughts.
    Well…hopefully won’t have to ask you for any advice in case tricky ‘I love you’-situations come…ah ah!

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